With Christmas and Holiday parties on the horizon, it’s best to study your etiquette skills.  Featured below are several tips so that you will be the most well-mannered guest!

Five Etiquette Tips for Being a Good Party Guest


  • Once you receive an invitation, send your response to the hostess in a timely manner.
  • If you RSVP and can’t make it or going to be late, let the hostess know as soon as possible before the party starts.
  • Ask the host or hostess if you can bring extra guests before you add them to your RSVP list.
  • This will allow the hostess to say yes or no and also help the hostess make the proper additional preparations.
  • Do not show up with uninvited guests without approval.

Be On Time 

  • Plan ahead to show up on time.
  • If you are going to be late, give the hostess a heads up, but don’t expect the ‘on time’ guests to wait for you to get there.
  • Quietly enter the party and join the festivities.
  • Please apologize to the hostess for being late upon your arrival.
  • All guests should bring a small token of appreciation to the hostess for being invited – It can be a simple “thank you for hosting” card. Other ideas are flowers and wine.

Respect the House Rules

  • Only stay in the designated areas of someone’s house, unless the hosts says otherwise.
  • If you want a tour of the house, ask the hostess or the greeters.
  • Respect the host’s and hostess’ home at all times.
  • If you bring children, make sure you discuss the boundaries to them before you leave home.
  • Respect other’s privacy regarding photos and video.  Everyone does not want to be on the internet.

Let’s Talk About It

  • You may or may not know all of the guests.
  • Remember this is someone’s home and you should respect the hostess and their guests.
  • If you are at the table and hear a conversation that may be getting heated, do not chime in, just let the hostess know.
  • If you have issues with someone, talk to the hostess. It is not your place to make a scene about an issue with which you are passionate.
  • Do not have your cell phones on the table. If you must make or take a call, excuse yourself from the table or the room where you are.
  • Do not talk on speakerphone when other guests are present.
  • Turn your phone on vibrate or silent during the time you are in someone’s home.

Time To Go

  • Before gathering your things to leave, offer to help the hostess with any tidying.
  • Unless invited to stay longer, don’t overstay your welcome.
  • Know what time the party ends and be prepared to leave at that time.
  • Make sure you take home what you brought such as phone chargers, coats, hats, umbrellas, etc.
  • Thank the hostess again when departing. You can never say “thank you” too many times.