Heartfelt Handwriting partners with engaged couples who want to outsource writing their bridal shower and wedding thank you cards. As a calligrapher, Monica offers a unique service that includes addressing envelopes in calligraphy, handwriting the inside messages, placing heart confetti inside the cards, and adding elegant wax seals to beautify the envelopes.

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Calligraphy / Heartfelt Handwriting


Couples can provide their own personalized cards, or for convenience, purchase beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery through Heartfelt.

Heartfelt’s clients love avoiding the tiresome and long process of writing thank you cards while still thanking guests before their gratitude feels like an afterthought. Plus, Heartfelt’s services save plenty of hand cramps with a quick and painless process. Thank you cards are the final part of the wedding process, and Heartfelt can write and mail thank you cards while the newlyweds are enjoying their honeymoon.

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Many Thanks Flowers

In short, couples hire Monica to write, assemble, and mail their wedding thank you cards. All they have to do is provide their recipient’s contact information, gift (if applicable), and the personalized message they want handwritten.  Then, Heartfelt takes care of the rest.

Heartfelt offers elegant thank you cards and envelopes. Each card is 5×7 in size, which is unique for a thank you as they often are sold in 5×3 size in a box.  The cards can be paired with any envelope color so couples can choose what aesthetic best matches their wedding.

For more information or to contact Monica about your calligraphy or thank you card notes needs, visit www.HeartfeltHandwriting.com

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