A luxury wedding is about much more than the money spent on it. Luxury is in the details. Details whisper of luxury instead of putting it on blast. They’re the sophisticated glue that holds a luxe modern wedding together.

Whether you blow your nest egg or work within a realistic budget, details that frame your wedding as an affair to remember turn up the opulence factor. And special attention to impactful details sets the wedding’s overall tone. Modern luxury is pared down to its essential elements, creating a seductively high-end ambiance.

Let’s talk about 5 luxe modern wedding details to focus your attention on. With these 5 details, you’ll produce an overall ambiance of exclusivity and luxury.

1.  An Elegant Space

Luxe - Wedding Venue

The right space is central to setting the scene for your wedding. A luxury wedding needs a backdrop – remembering that you’re producing a specific effect – telling your wedding story without saying a word. So, a community hall is probably not what you’re after.

A luxury wedding demands an interior with pleasing sight lines. Vaulted or high ceilings are ideal as they add subtle architectural drama. Art Deco buildings are noted for their streamlined appeal, lending themselves to luxury by their nature. But some may prefer an outdoor wedding, which demands a different approach.

Choose a space that’s well-maintained, then dress it for the occasion with a flower arch and other classic wedding decor. Many botanical gardens host weddings, with delightful, beautifully maintained areas set aside for the purpose. Some of them also host chapels and of these, many are exceptionally beautiful, lending themselves to smaller luxury weddings. When you think in terms of an overall sense of exquisite taste and beauty, you’ll find the right space. Apply exactly the same criteria to your ceremonial and reception venues, seeking comfort, quality, and beauty.

2.  Understated Elegance

Luxe - Wedding Party

The luxury wedding’s hallmark is sophistication. Like the venue, understated elegance is the order of the day. Think sleek and groomed for the wedding party. That will mean making some rules but it’s your luxe modern wedding. You’re going for a certain look, so rally the troops to look their best!

Hair should be cut and styled. Man buns should be slicked back, with stray hairs under control. Facial hair should be trimmed. Women’s hair is styled and worn simply. Makeup is polished but not overpowering.

Similarly, jewelry should be modern minimalist but elegant, playing to the luxury theme. Women’s luxury jewelry doesn’t announce itself. It needs no introduction.

3.  The Sophisticated Wedding Party

Luxe - Black Tie & Fitted Wedding Gown

Because luxury is harmonious, the wedding party needs to exude the theme. It’s therefore recommended that the groom and his party be dressed in classic black tie. This formal men’s look is ideal for a luxury wedding. It’s spare and modern, yet signals traditional formal men’s dressing as a feature of luxury.

For a modern luxury wedding, the Bride’s party should be wearing the same dress in the same color – or matching hues. And the colors, of course, should be contemporary. Choose colors with personal significance that tie in with the luxury wedding theme. Because you’re all dressed in black and white, a bold color is perfectly in order. Add flashes of bold color in your flower arrangements and wedding decor to tie it in without overpowering the look.

As for the Bride, sophistication is the order of the day, so avoid the temptation to go “full princess”. A fitted dress that’s close to the body with a simple veil is the look you’re going for. Delicate jewelry, clean but glamorous makeup, and simple hair done well are all part of this luxe look. Graceful and unfussy is the definition of understated, effortless elegance, and luxury.

My final word of advice is for the Bride’s party to have their hair and makeup done by a professional, for a seamless, coherent look. When the same person is responsible for the overall look, the result will be luxuriously, uniformly gorgeous.

4.  Get Creative With Flowers

Luxe - Centerpieces

Flowers are a major expense at any wedding. But creativity can save you here. With a little imagination, you can make your flowers a luxurious focal point of your wedding. This starts with concentrating blooms at key locations at both your ceremonial and reception spaces.

As guests enter your ceremonial space, the first thing they should see is creative flower arrangements. Choose either a flower arch or sculptural flower “trees”. If there’s a central aisle the bridal party will walk down, place your trees on either side of it at the entrance. If there’s no aisle, place the trees where the couple will stand to be wed. Either of these floral arrangements can be moved to the reception site with proper planning.

At the reception, use flowers at the entrance, with centerpieces placed on guest tables. Candles and other elements can be added, according to your taste. Keep these sophisticated and at scale with the tables. Your guests shouldn’t have to crane their necks over the massive centerpieces to interact with each other.

Choose white to amp up the effect of luxury, adding your accent color sparingly at the ceremonial space and more abundantly at the reception. And choose your flowers according to the season. This is a modern luxe wedding, so keep it environmentally friendly!

5.  Create a Luxe Dreamscape With Lighting

Luxe - Chandelier Wedding Cake

Beautifully realized lighting changes everything. Blank, white walls come alive with lighting solutions that take your luxe modern wedding reception to a dreamy level. With lighting, you can be minimalist with decor and flowers without sacrificing ambiance.

Modern wedding luxury is about details but it’s also about the overall vibe and this is especially true of lighting your reception. Lanterns, chandeliers, and candles go a long way but what about projections, bathing the walls of your venue in color and pattern? I don’t suggest going it alone on your lighting scheme. Rather, a professional lighting company will give you exactly what you envision, creating a breathtaking luxe dreamscape.

These 5 luxe, modern strategies will elevate your wedding with opulent details that create an ambiance of luxury. Sometimes, luxury isn’t about money. It’s about using your imagination to identify key focal points that elevate your wedding.