Wedding bells plays an important part in wedding ceremonies, most especially, the religious ones.

Irish Origins

The Irish believed bells would send away evil spirits and give a happy marriage to the newlyweds. Some Irish brides carry small bells in their bouquets to keep away bad luck. Bells are rang in today’s weddings as an announcement, here comes the married couple.

Meaning of Wedding Bells

Church bells used to ring loudly across the countryside in rural areas. It was a way to spread the news of an event that occurred at the church, whether it was announcing a service, funeral, or wedding. Wedding superstition dictates that the bells would  off ward evil spirits intent on ruining the new couple’s happiness. The bells were thought to bring luck and fortune to the newlyweds.

When Do the Church Bells Ring?

Most likely originating in Scotland, the church bells would in as the couple walked down the aisle together or came out of the church. As part of today’s ceremonies, bells ring as part of the wedding ceremony that both begins and ends the service.

Wedding Bells

Symbolic Bell Theme

With the history of wedding bells and their meaning of love and a new life, couples often choose to theme their wedding around the symbol of wedding bells. Bell representations can be used throughout the wedding in the following ways:

  • As a graphic on wedding invitations
  • On the wedding programs
  • As an alternative to bows at the end of the pews
  • Suspended from the ceiling at the wedding reception
  • As part of the wedding reception centerpiece
  • On top of the wedding cake

Couples can hand out small bells as favors after the ceremony and guests can ring them when the newlyweds exit the church. Guests can also use wedding bell favors at the dinner to entice the couple to kiss in front of everyone.

Hand Bell Wedding Music

Wedding ceremony music could include a hand bell choir. By choosing a love song for weddings, couples can add to the symbolic meaning of wedding bells. The hand bell choir may belong to the church where the ceremony takes place or they may be part of a larger orchestra.

Hiring a hand bell choir is a way to include wedding bells symbolism in a ceremony that does not take place in a church. Hand bells are easily transported, making them perfect for an outdoor, garden, or beach wedding. Choirs may even know how to mimic the sounds of a large church bell at the end of the ceremony.

Joyous Noise of Bells

The use of wedding bell symbolism is a historical wedding tradition that continues to be popular in modern times. Although the folklore of deflecting evil and bad luck has dissipated, the bells continue to symbolize love, joy, and the start of a new life together for newly married couples.

Wedding Bells with Couple