Casting your wedding flowers with Giani Everlasting‘s Bridal Flower Casting Kit is the perfect way to ensure they last well after the cans are on the limo and the rice is on the ground.  The Clear Casting Resin and Casting Activator blend together to create PetalSafe™ flower preservation system. The accompanying heart, hexagon, and ring-holder molds allow you to beautifully showcase your flowers in three functional ways.

Generally, the bride must make an appointment months in advance and pay a large deposit to preserve her flowers. Once she mails her flowers to the artist, it can take an average of 6 months to get her casted bouquet back! With Giani Everlasting’s kit, her flowers are in hand the entire time, and she has control over the whole process!

There’s no need to risk your flowers getting lost or damaged by sending them somewhere else to be casted. The kit comes with everything you need to preserve your flowers yourself for a fraction of the cost of using a third party.  The simple casting process consists of trimming and drying your flowers, mixing and pouring the epoxy, and letting your molds cure for 7 days.

Between the quick start guide, detailed written instructions, full length tutorial video, and dedicated customer service team, you will have all the tools and confidence you need to cast memories that will last a lifetime!