Planning an unforgettable bridal shower is no ordinary task. There are many moving parts to organizing and executing this special celebration. We’re talking everything from guest lists and invitations to food and drinks.  Don’t forget other must-have components such as entertainment and favors, if they fit into your plans and budget. Fortunately, coordinating the perfect event is made infinitely easier when you have one very important item picked out ahead of time: Your bridal shower theme.

With the bride’s approval of the theme, all of the celebration’s other details become much easier. For this reason, it is important to choose a couple of themes to present to the bride-to-be early in the planning process. I have gathered a few favorite bridal shower themes that the guest-of-honor is sure to approve. Planning her shower during the colder months? An elevated winter wonderland theme pays homage to the season. If she’s a world traveler (or got engaged in Paris, perhaps?), a Parisian-themed event may fit the bill.  Whatever you choose, consider the bride-to-be as you know her best when deciding which themes to present for her approval.

1.  Picnic


Pack up cheese, bread, and wine and set out for an luxury picnic. One that is more refined than an impromptu gathering in the park. A low table, set with elegant dinnerware and wine glasses, transforms this typically casual outing into something unforgettable.  This can be accomplished by adding gorgeous floral centerpieces, bright rugs, and comfortable cushions for sitting.

2.  Nautical


If she spent her childhood summers near the Cape or a any shore, infuse her bridal shower with subtle nautical touches such as anchor and sailor knot motif.  An invitation set might feature an illustrated oyster shell and cerulean blue calligraphy.

3.  Beach Time

Beach Time

Consider having the shower on a sandy beach and let the natural beauty inspire the tabletop décor, floral palette, and light cuisine.

4.   Winter Celebration

Holiday Celebration

Cold weather doesn’t have to spoil the party plans. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy a winter celebration, including cozy cocktails and evergreen décor. Designing a wintry shower doesn’t have to feel holiday-theme either.  Certain wintry motifs such as faux fur, pine, and grapevine, can feel cozy and fresh without appearing too holiday-inspired.

5.  Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic

If the bride’s love for vintage details is incessant, consider coordinating a shower packed with all the most beautiful vintage décor. This often requires finding a venue with antique vibes and then filling the room with plenty of Old-world-inspired elements, like Chinoiserie, crystal chandeliers, and candlelight.

6.  Elegance


While bridal showers tend to be fairly informal gatherings, a bride-to-be who loves the pomp and circumstance vibe. Just don’t forget to choose a venue that fits the theme.  Be certain to communicate the formal dress code to your guests. Refined tabletop details such as ornate cake stands, centerpieces, candles and other accents, and gold-rimmed chargers are also a must.

7.  French / Parisienne

French or Parisienne

There’s nothing like an event with a little French flair! Create the ambience in an elaborate garden with a touch of Versaille and serve croissants as well as croquembouche, a classic French dessert, instead of traditional cake.

8.  Garden Party

Garden Party

If there’s one bridal shower theme that will always be a perfect fit, it’s a garden party. There’s something about celebrating outside during the warmer months surrounded by nature and the women you love most. Again, choosing the proper venue is key to achieving this theme. Making sure that the location’s grounds are properly landscaped will only enhance the floral overload you plan to introduce just before the shower.

9.  Think Spring

Think Spring

What better way to add extra vigor to a bridal shower than by embracing the season? Spring is a particularly pretty and common time of year to throw a bridal shower, and it’s easy to highlight spring-inspired colors, flowers, and even foods for an event the bride will love.

10.  Sweet Brunch


If the bride loves to brunch and considers the most important meal of the day, your theme decision is quite simple.  Smother the table with her favorite flavors of donuts, or feel free to get extra creative with a pancake or waffle cake.  And don’t forget the mimosas and sangria!

11.  Candy Theme

Candy Theme

Does she love sweets? A candy theme will be a definite hit. Fill the event’s dessert table with all of her favorite treats which can include cakes, cupcakes, and cookies as well! Be sure to send guests home with goodie bags of her go-to sweets.

12.  Her Favorite Hue

Her Favorite Hue

Choose the bride’s favorite color and build your shower theme around it. Get guests in on the fun by requesting that they wear hues of the bride-to-be’s favorite tone as the dress code.

13.  Film Inspired

Film Inspired

Pitch this unique idea to your guests: A movie-inspired event based on the bride’s favorite film. You can incorporate the movie’s details or mood to create a color palette, the invitations, and even the menu.  Draw from scenes in the movie such as the champagne toast in The Great Gatsby and toast the bride!.

14.  Couple’s Shower

Everyone's Invited

Would your bride prefer to spend her shower alongside her spouse-to-be? Why not do away with tradition and throw a couple’s shower instead? Invite friends and family from both sides of the aisle and prepare for a fun and festive event that may even feel like a smaller-scale wedding.