Gone are the days of fairytale weddings as the norm as rising inflation encourages couples to remember the real reason for the season – their love. Many people have embraced the trend of micro weddings, an alternative, cost-effective option for wedding ceremonies made more popular during and post the COVID pandemic. With virtual reality weddings on the rise, a smaller wedding at a smaller venue has become more ideal now than ever.

Paint Your Blessings provides a budget-friendly solution for couples who want to be mindful about spending without inhibiting their creativity or dream wedding. With a theater installation projector, dynamic lighting covers the entirety of the stage wall making it easy to use lavish themes for weddings and other events without compromising on elegance and still being local-friendly. As Saturday is typically when couples opt to tie the knot, Sunday is the next best option for couples planning weekend weddings. In addition to her Paint N’ Sip events, hosting baby showers and weddings, Paint Your Blessings is running a Sunday Discount Special on venue rental to further assist couples looking for affordable ways to celebrate their union.

The Following Interview of Keisha (Kay) Sealey, Owner of Paint Your Blessings

How can people have a budget-friendly wedding while still achieving their dream wedding?

Hiring an experienced, budget-friendly wedding planner and coordinator who manages their own venue like ourselves at PaintYourBlessings.com helps to drive dream wedding decorating efficiencies. The décor is all in-house and can help to drive efficiencies for our client’s inspired dream wedding-inspired decorations.

Reception Table

What are some tips and tricks to stay within budget?

Quality pre-planning guidance is essential for staying budget focused. We at PaintYourBlessings.com always recommend our clients to set up a wedding planning page using tools like Zola.com and TheKnot.com to set up a wedding page which help guide from start to finish on the common wedding planning elements to those unfamiliar with the common elements of planning a wedding. This can help to keep clients organized and manage cost-planning expectations throughout.

Reception Table

What are some hot trends for New York weddings? What’s trending with colors and attire, as well as floral décor and lighting?

At PaintYourBlessings.com one hot trend is to be inspired by the Monochromatic color palette for Wedding Floral Decor and lighting. For example, the same colors for candle lighting, floral and table setting, such as wine glass colors to plates and flatware in the same colors elevate the details.

Monochomic Example:

Wedding Setup

Another hot trend is the resurgence of Retro Glam, with graphic elements like graphic black and white patterns that can be complemented with one strong color like greenery and/or adding disco balls as another glamorous festive element.

Retro Glam

Birthday Celebration

What are some ways to be mindful during event planning and choosing décor on a budget?

Catering costs and the option to serve per person or serving buffet style can significantly impact cost savings. Also, find a venue that can host the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at one venue like PaintYourBlessings.com

Birthday Celebration Table

What are some of the many benefits of supporting local businesses and causes in underserved communities?

Local businesses support local vendors which helps to coordinate and support the microcosm of underserved communities.  This is a feel-good opportunity for clients who are excited about hosting their wedding, gala, or birthday celebration within their local neighborhoods.