Gloria L. Williams is Oprah Winfrey’s longtime personal pedicurist. Known as “The Footnanny,” she’s now taking all of Hollywood by storm with her foot spas of the same name, where anyone – not just her impressive roster of celebrity clients — can indulge in the Ultimate Pedicure. This isn’t just a pedicure – it’s two hours of sheer, over-the-top sole and soul care that includes compression wraps, reflexology, hot stones, and of course, a parting gift of some of Gloria’s favorite “Footnanny” creams and soaking salts. The flagship “Footnanny” spa is now open in Beverly Hills, with additional locations to follow this fall in Palm Desert, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, and West Hollywood.

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Gloria, a certified nail tech and reflexologist, created her “Footnanny” brand of premium foot creams and soaking salts to recapture special moments she shared with her mother while growing up outside Chicago. Her mother combined a special healing touch with homemade natural ointments and liniments to provide therapeutic rubdowns to ailing neighbors in her community, and Gloria would accompany her on her rounds, learning her “feet first” approach to wellness. Today, Gloria uses many of the same botanical essences as her mom did in her exclusive formulas, which also feature soy, shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamins C & E.

Oprah Winfrey Receiving a Pedicure from “The Footnanny”

Interview with “The Footnanny”
Gloria L. Williams

1,     I love your Olive Oil Power Kit.  It’s so soothing and relaxing!  What are some of the benefits of using olive oil on the skin, especially the feet?

Olive oil is packed with healthy vitamins and antioxidants, all of which soak into your skin each time you use topical olive oil or Footnanny products that contain olive oil.

Footnanny Olive Oil Power Kit

2.     What are some of your most popular products that you sell on the Footnanny website?

Olive Cream Sets, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Products.


3.     What products to you suggest for those new to your techniques and offerings?

I suggest our Starter Kit for those in need of immediate relief and an easy find our  You can also take out Footnanny Quiz for a more customized experience.

Footnanny Starter Kit

4.     What part of the foot do women and men neglect the most and how can they correct this?

They neglect the arch and the heels. They neglect them from smoothing, massage and moisturizing.  We suggest any of our Footnanny Power Kits.  The massage ball is included in this set and is perfect for a self care arch/heel massage.

5.     Who and what are your inspirations?

My inspirations are my customers emails along with their social media “feetback” :).  I especially love someone that may have not had a great shopping experience and takes the time to send their opinions.  This is how I grow my brand better.  I prefer to listen to my customers and not go to other brands to copy their style which is what a lot of beginners in my field will do from time to time.

6.     According to your website, a great deal of your learning and skill came from your mother.  Over time, have you refined those techniques to suit each of your clients?

Yes, I sell to the type of customer and design kits to the most popular needs that are often repeatedly asked of Footnanny to develop.

7.     What is the most rewarding part of being “The Footnanny”?

Knowing that I am here to take care of the world’s feet.

8.     How can we improve our overall wellness through our feet?

Every night you get home, make sure you take time to elevate your feet to relieve the pressure from standing on them and also take time to soak your feet along with your entire body in a nice warm bathtub at least once per week.  When your feet feel good your entire body will fill good. 🙂

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