Infused with positivity, inspiration, artistry, and a touch of rebelliousness, the bohemian design style is truly full of character. But when used correctly, this style can also turn out to be quite comfortable, relaxing, and inviting, making it the ideal option for a cozy bedroom for anyone who likes to combine the blissful nature of their sleep sanctuary with a unique and memorable personality.

If you wish to turn your bedroom into a relaxing boho retreat as well, here are some of the best decor tips to help you nail that stunning bohemian makeover:

1.     Choose the right color palette

Choose the right color palette

Although bohemian decor might encompass a wide variety of color schemes, the base of these palettes are usually quite neutral and delicate shades like white, cream, beige, and ecru. Due to their classic nature, these colors are great options for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

When it comes to accents and highlights, soft, pastel hues are the ideal option for boho decor, such as lighter shades of blue, green, orange, pink, and apricot. Try to stay away from any colors that are too dark and deep when designing your bedroom, as they might disrupt the airiness of the bohemian style, while also possibly being too bold and daring for a blissful bedroom.

2.     Incorporate natural materials

Incorporate natural materials

As the style is inspired by nature, bohemian decor often includes a number of wooden elements and other organic materials that help to bring the outside in. From wooden bed frames and nightstands to bamboo dressers and rattan chairs, beautiful elements of nature can easily be woven into your bedroom design as well.

This organic feel should then continue throughout the space, by including more natural textiles around the room. For instance, you could opt for cotton or linen sheets, adorn the bed with wool throw blankets and textured decorative pillows, choose soft drapes with tassel details, or even decorate your walls with macrame hangings, all of which make for perfect boho details.

3.     Add warmth through rugs

Add warmth through rugs

Rugs are another important aspect of boho decor, effortlessly adding texture, warmth, and comfort to any space, particularly a relaxing bedroom. Primarily focusing on simple patterns and neutral colors, natural rugs from NZ are a great way to incorporate a more organic feel and a soft, understated texture into any space.

If you want to go the extra mile, layering two or more rugs is another brilliant way to achieve a boho bedroom aesthetic. For example, you can layer an eclectic ethnic rug over a soft neutral one, combine textured and knotted rugs, mix and match different patterns, or even lay a round jute rug on top; the choices are truly endless when it comes to bohemian design.

4.     Feel free to accessorize

Feel free to accessorize

A bohemian bedroom should also be focused on accessories that create the right atmosphere and add more character to the interior, especially when they’re associated with relaxation and rest. And considering the fact that busy and lively aspects are also a part of the boho style, the more accessories you incorporate, the better the overall design will be.

Apart from textured rugs and interesting printed cushions, this could also mean including beautiful framed mirrors, hammocks and swings, openwork lampshades, weaved baskets, wooden plant stands and bamboo pots, leather ottomans, vintage and handmade pieces, as well as a number of other gorgeous natural accessories that help to complete your bohemian bedroom and make it feel that much more cozy and inviting.

5.     Don’t forget about greenery

Don’t forget about greenery

No bohemian room can truly be completed without some stunning plants, and the same goes for your bedroom. Not only does it provide fresh, purified air and a natural feel, greenery can also add a touch of vibrancy to your space, easily fill up any empty corners, and provide more visual interest in the interior.


For this reason, you should aim to fill up your bedroom with beautiful greenery wherever possible, whether that means choosing smaller succulents or larger houseplants. From empty shelves, nightstands, and corners to planters hanging off the ceiling or vining plants crawling over the walls, greenery is truly the best way to complete your relaxing and mesmerizing boho bedroom.

Eclectic and inspiring, but still comfortable, cozy, and inviting, bohemian bedrooms perfectly combine that laid-back vibe with a more rebellious and vibrant atmosphere ideal for home decor. Whether you’d like to fully commit to the boho style or simply use some aspects as inspiration, the wonderful tips mentioned above will surely allow you to create the most relaxing and appealing space.

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