Ring Bear uses recycled gold and platinum for their wedding and engagement rings, which requires only 3% of the energy, 1% of the water, and emits 1% of the CO2 compared to traditional gold mining methods. According to Forbes, Ring Bear’s wedding bands are the most comfortable on the market. Plus, prices are around 25% lower than the average men’s wedding ring and you have the choice of a free engraving.

To support Pride month, the brand is offering 30% off the second ring with the code PRIDE23

Below are some of their rings for your consideration:

Classic Gold Ring

This Classic comfort fit wedding band is a best-seller among Ring Bear’s collection. Made from ethically sourced recycled gold, it showcases environmental responsibility while maintaining the same quality and value as mined gold. Ring Bear’s wedding bands feature a carefully crafted thickness ranging from 1.7-2.2mm and a gently contoured interior, ensuring outstanding comfort for daily wear. 

From $349

Flat Platinum Ring

Made from ethically sourced recycled metals, Ring Bear’s platinum rings are a premium choice for those seeking a blend of timeless elegance and durability with a conscious edge. Breaking from the century-old tradition of yellow gold, this band embraces platinum, a metal 30 times rarer and significantly more valuable than silver. Its increasing demand reflects its strength and durability.
From $749

Milgrain Gold Ring

Made from recycled gold, this Milgrain wedding band for men is a best-seller among Ring Bear’s collection. Its timeless shape with an elevated border provides sleek contrast and raised texture. It is thoughtfully designed for the discerning man who appreciates style and sustainability.
From $349

Black Tungsten Beveled Ring

This sleek and stylish black ring is a great choice for the modern groom. Crafted from tungsten carbide, renowned for its extreme strength and scratch-resistance, this ring promises longevity and a lasting shine that withstands the rigors of daily life. For those on a budget, tungsten is also a great choice for its affordability.
From $230

Classic Tungsten Ring

The Classic domed shape in Tungsten offers heightened durability without sacrificing style – a perfect choice for the contemporary man who values practicality as much as aesthetics. Unlike other metals that tarnish or require frequent polishing, this tungsten band retains its polished finish with minimal upkeep, making it an ideal choice for active lifestyles.
From $225

15K Gold Braid Ring

This silver tungsten mens wedding band features a classic shape and 14K Gold braid inlay symbolizing strength and unity. It combines the durability of tungsten with the classic elegance of gold.
From $375

Flat Wood Tungsten Ring

This Flat mens wedding band combines the richness of Koa wood and durability of Tungsten to be enjoyed 365 days a year. A unique and durable choice for a stylish groom.
From $310