Premium silk flowers have established themselves as a go-to choice, offering timeless beauty and vrsatility for special events. While weddings often take center stage for Something Borrowed Blooms, there are also several other occasions their florals can create a cozy and celebratory atmosphere.

Engagement parties, bridal or baby showers, and holiday dinners, this rent and return floral and décor service is modernizing the floral industry by providing sustainable, lower-cost alternatives to fresh flowers. From delicate garlands to vibrant centerpieces and lanterns, customers can rent from a variety of collections and decor – options to fit every theme and price constraint.


Co-founders of Something Borrowed Blooms Laken Swan and Lauren Bercier provided commentary for this article by responding to the following questions that I posed to them.

  1. What are some of your most popular collections and/or themes? 

Our most popular collection is The Jane Collection, which features a classic color palette of white florals and greenery with a variety of shapes and textures. It’s no surprise this traditional collection is a best seller. The Taylor Collection is a close second, which offers a little more color but still muted overall with hints of lavender.

  1. Since starting Something Borrowed Blooms in 2015, how many events have you provided floral décor?

We’ve taken in over 35,000 orders since starting the company to couples from coast to coast. Modern couples value the savings, convenience, and sustainability of our rent and return floral model.

  1. What kinds of events (i.e., types of wedding events and parties, etc.) do you provide floral décor?

Silk flowers fit every wedding type imaginable, mainly because there’s no packages or minimums, allowing the customer to build their order to fit their specific needs. Majority of our orders are for traditional weddings including a bridal party, ceremony and reception flowers, however we also serve a large number of elopements and minimonies with less floral needs.  We also offer our services to events outside of the wedding day, like baby showers, bachelorette parties, dinner parties, and more!

  1. What floral décor do you provide that is specific to weddings i.e., bouquets, arches, etc?

We currently offer 18 different floral collections online. Each collection includes coordinating bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, garlands, flower combs and crowns, centerpieces, aisle markers, dog collars and so much more for your special day.

  1. What wedding floral trends are you observing this season?

We’re seeing an increased interest in wildflowers and color. Couples are gravitating towards more whimsical and organic floral designs, often incorporating vibrant color palettes.  We’re forecasting this trend to increase in popularity over the next 12 months.