Product Review
Hydrating the skin, especially the face, is the single most important thing you can do to combat the aging process (besides staying out of the sun – duh!).  Because of the glowing reviews that Moisture Surge by Clinque received, I decided to try it based on its promises of being “nature’s perfect moisture magnet”.

This product lived up to its name and then some!  My skin tends to be on the dry side.  That went away with Clinique’s Moisture Surge!  It also  left my skin feeling plump, dewy, and glowing for the following 24 hours after application.  I have so many different moisturizers in my repertoire, but this one is one is my favorites.  At $39, it’s a bit on the higher side than I like to spend, but I found it to be well worth the price once I started using it.  I give Moisture Surge by Clinique two thumbs up!

Clinique Starter Kit

Review of Starter Kit
As part of my purchase of the Moisture Surge by Clinique, I was given this starter kit as a “thank you” for my purchase.  All of the products contained in the kit are really quite nice.  I’ve been able to use all the products in the starter kit and I love the custom repair serum the best.  I can wear it under my makeup and it, along with my primers, helps my makeup to go on smoothly.  I love the 7 day scrub cream as well because exfoliation is so vital to cellular turnover which promotes youthful skin.  I’ve only used the sculptwear contouring massage cream mask once, but it felt wonderful – very relaxing to the skin.  I would purchase all three of these products in their full size!