• New research by BetCarolina.com reveals the best states to say “I do” based on various factors such as wedding costs, service availability, and marriage/divorce rates. 
  • Scoring an impressive 66 out of 100, Utah is the best state for exchanging vows.
  • Other states worth considering for a wedding include Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Michigan.

Summer tends to be one of the most popular times of the year to get hitched, even though this peak wedding season tends to come at a higher price tag. If you’ve already got your heart set on getting married during the summer months, maybe the next major decision is choosing where to have the ceremony?  

To see which states are most wedding-worthy, the team at BetCarolina.com have created an index ranking each state based on various factors such as the average cost of a wedding, marriage/divorce rates, service availability, and weather. 

Below is a list highlighting the top ten states to get married in: 

  1. Utah
  2. Texas
  3. Colorado
  4. Florida
  5. North Carolina
  6. Michigan
  7. Kansas
  8. Ohio
  9. Georgia
  10. Hawaii

Of all the US states, Utah topped our index at 66 out of 100. This is likely down to appearing in the top five overall US states for various service availabilities such as event planners, jewelers, photographers and florists. Combining that with having the lowest divorce rates overall at just 6.8%, it’s no surprise they made their way into the top spot.  

Just missing out is Texas at 63.9 with the fifth highest average hours of sunshine per year (5,137) pretty much ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy a rain-free wedding day! Having been the location of over 185,000 weddings in 2022, the second most popular in the entire index, it’s clearly a leading state for anyone walking down the aisle. 

In third is Colorado with an index score of 60.3 where you’ll be able to easily find someone to help with wedding planning since it boasts the most event planners out of all the states. 

Following closely behind is Florida (59.6) in fourth which held the third most weddings in 2022 at 172,903, and has the cheapest average wedding cost of all the top five at $23,167. Meanwhile, rounding out the top five is North Carolina (59.1) which is another state where you won’t have to splash out too much cash on the festivities with the average wedding totalling $23,280.  

To find out more about the research, please visit: https://www.betcarolina.com/info/best-state-to-marry