The art of creating wax seals is a truly remarkable craft that not only adds a touch of beauty but also provides an opportunity for creative expression. Kathryn Hastings is an expert in this craft and has revived the art of handwritten letters and the magic of crafting wax seals.

The process of creating wax seals gives you the freedom to let your imagination soar and create one-of-a-kind pieces. Kathryn launched an exquisite newsletter called The Epistolarian, where she shares captivating anecdotes from her own experiences, delves into the rich history of letter writing, and offers insights into the artistry in hopes of inspiring creativity. 

Kathryn Hastings is a self-made entrepreneur and an avid antique collector! Kathryn Hastings lives two different lives. She is a mother of two, has a regular job and is an artist. Her regular job life and her artistic life don’t mix much, but she thinks they help each other. Her job in sales has taught her how to make good plans and be fair. She cares more about what’s right for her customers than just making money.

She’s being careful with her art business and she’s not in a hurry to make it big quickly. Right now, it’s like a hobby and she doesn’t feel pressure to make lots of money from it. She wants to keep the quality of her art, stay true to what she believes and hopefully make her art her main job one day while having a good balance between work and family.

Kathryn Hastings has been an avid letter writer since her early days. Inspired by her grandmother’s teachings, her letter-writing journey expanded during her time at boarding school and summers spent exchanging heartfelt words with friends. At the age of 19, her travels across Europe led her to the oldest paper source on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, where she acquired her first wax seal. This marked the beginning of her fascination with seals, encompassing both modern and antique pieces. Kathryn’s interest in antiques and history converged when she stumbled upon an antique wax seal, unknowingly acquiring a historical piece that ignited her passion.

This passion blossomed into a collection that she believed should not be confined to her personal enjoyment. She saw the inherent sharing quality of wax seals as they adorn letters meant to traverse the world. This perspective led her to share her collection, crafting unique collections that blend history and modernity. The idea of sharing without becoming an antique dealer paved the way for her innovative approach. Kathryn’s journey to merging her passion, artistic expression, and appreciation for history organically evolved, shaping her path as an artist and expert in the world of wax seals.