A new study has revealed the top 10 best cities across Europe for hen (Bachelorette) or stag do (Bachelor) celebrations, with Prague, Czech Republic coming out on top. 


Holiday car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have crunched the numbers on ten of the most popular pre-wedding celebration destinations to find which city is best for hen and stag dos.

RankCountryCityAverage cost of a pint (€)Number of bars 

1-night average hotel cost (€)

Distance from
airport to city centre (km) 
Total points
1Czech RepublicPrague2.4324757.2711.633

Prague has been named the best European city for hen and stag dos, topping the ranking with cheap pints, over 200 bars, cheap hotel stays and being close to the airport. 


The research shows that Newcastle, UK, despite having less than a quarter of the bars than Prague, comes out as the third best city in Europe for pre-wedding parties. 


Whereas, Milan, Italy, despite having the highest number of bars (344), ranks in seventh place overall, given the long distance from the airport (over 50km). 


Hungary’s capital offers tourists the cheapest pints in the index – coming in at €2.05 as an average across its 166 bars, meaning Budapest ranks as the second best hen and stag do city. 


Amsterdam has over 200 bars for hen and stag goers, but comes in ninth place because of the high hotel fees (€119.09). 


Hamburg, Germany, ranks at number six, with the cheapest average price of a hotel room costing just over €70 a night, and an average pint costing some of the cheapest in Europe at €4.35. 


The most expensive destination for a pint is Dublin, Ireland, coming in at an average of €6.20 across the 120 bars in the city.  


One of the cheapest cities for a pint across the index is Lisbon, Portugal (€2.50), which ranked in fourth place, being just six kilometres away from the airport. 


Barcelona, Spain ranks fifth best for hen and stag dos, with optimal factors such as cheap pints (€3), a large number of bars (256), and close to the airport (12.6km). 


Copenhagen, Denmark ranks in tenth position for the top hen and stag do destinations, with expensive pints, the fewest number of bars, and expensive hotel costs. 


John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com said: “There are several cities in Europe that are really popular with mates wanting to celebrate their friend’s new engagement. 


“And now the ten best spots in the continent have been named – using factors considered to be important when deciding on where to celebrate. 


“Hen and stag dos are notorious for a weekend full of drinking – with Budapest being the cheapest place to order a pint, and Barcelona having the highest number of bars – there are plenty of cities to choose from. 


“Being close to the airport is also important for pre-wedding celebrations – and our index shows Milan is the furthest city away, with Lisbon being the closest city to an airport. 


“Cheap hotel stays are also important for guests who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Hen/Stag do – with the top three cities (Prague, Budapest and Newcastle) offering an average one night stay of €57.27. 


“Hen and stag dos are typically all about drinking with your mates, celebrating the happy couple, and travelling somewhere new without spending bags of money.”


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