The KOLTSON Spring/Summer 2024 collection, designed and founded by Robert Rodriguez, is inspired by art and dance in collaboration with abstract expressionist Vicky Barranguet. Now in its third season, KOLTSON aims to create a common thread between art and fashion through seasonal collaboration with artists.

Encompassing the world of creative expression through different art forms, a style is developed for the mood being explored. From dance to raw canvas to delicate silks, the collection unveils a symphony of mesmerizing fluid silhouettes, transparency, and grace. Vibrant hues are displayed, captivating timeless elegance and beauty, and complimented by exquisite draping techniques achieved through engineered fabric manipulations.

Each season, KOLTSON puts a focus on sustainability, opting for natural and certified fabrics including silks, FSC Certified stretch cady and jersey and Oeko-Tex-certified mesh. The collection is also produced in NYC.

KOLTSON’S debut Fall 2023 collection was showcased in February at NYFW and is now currently available for pre-order at

Below are images from KOLTSON’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection