Milla Nova, the renowned Ukrainian bridal fashion house, is proud to announce the highly-anticipated launch of their 2024 Couture Bridal Range. 


With a commitment to redefining the boundaries of bridal fashion, Milla Nova invites brides and grooms, irrespective of gender, to embark on a journey of unparalleled elegance, luxury, and inclusivity.

 At the heart of Milla Nova’s philosophy is the belief that love knows no bounds in age, gender, or size. This mantra sets the tone for their latest Couture Collection, which epitomizes timeless sophistication and regality through meticulous craftsmanship, handcrafted garments, and luxurious fabrics, with a dominance of sumptuous Italian silk.

Breaking conventions and pushing the boundaries of bridal fashion, The Couture Collection introduces groundbreaking elements. In its official campaign imagery, it proudly presents its debut in menswear; showcasing that all love is accepted and cherished. This addition offers discerning gentlemen a selection of regal attire that exudes extravagance and glamour. unisex Capes, corsetry & perfectly pleated trousers are amongst part of the expansion.

Stylistically, the Couture collection includes impeccably crafted corsetry and unexpected manipulation to its luxe fabrications; think micro pleating, soft organza 3-d florals & elegantly cascading draped cream charmeuse which adds softness & elegance to this stand out collection.