“Love is the alchemy that transforms ordinary things into precious ones.”

“Step into the world of Alchemy. Inspired by the magical process of transformation, where something flat takes form and shape, this collection embodies the essence of creation and metamorphosis. Much like an alchemist turns base metals into precious ones, this collection skillfully plays with the fluidity of drape, the incorporation of pearls and crystal, transformative additions, and hand-beaded details. In Alchemy, you’ll discover gowns that go beyond the traditional, where each is a testament to the artistry of transformation. Alchemy is designed for the bride who seeks something truly distinctive. It’s for the woman who embraces transformational details and craves a touch of high fashion and personality in her gown. A gown that is meticulously crafted to be an extension of her identity, a dress that feels like “her.”

-Moira Hughes, Founder & Designer of Moira Hughes Couture