Hera Couture gowns embody timeless elegance and innovative design. Reflecting a holistic and thoughtful approach; exemplifying responsible design practices that emphasize sustainability, made-to-order craftsmanship, and lasting quality—a cherished keepsake in a world of disposable fashion.

Hera was inspired to create a collection that reflects the beauty of following one’s heart and the magic that comes with embracing new experiences. Created for women who dare to defy conventions, these fresh designs offer brides-to-be the chance to step into a captivating narrative of passion, adventure, and untamed dreams. Each gown reflects the spirit of rebellion and the heart of a romantic adventurer, making every bride feel like a modern-day heroine in her own fairy tale. 


Exquisite comfort harmoniously melds with meticulous inner construction & corsetry; no compromises are made on quality to achieve a stunning silhouette and graceful cascading delicates silks.


Each gown stands as a canvas, open to customization, tailored precisely to accentuate the unique contours of your bride’s body, ensuring an unparalleled fit. At the intersection of bridal fashion and dreams, Hera proudly wears the mantle of dream-makers.


Hera’s high-quality and elevated bridal fashion are made to be accessible. Hera will be available at global retailers 2024, ranging from $4K-4.7K.

The Royal Rebel collection taps into romantic elegance with a touch of avant-garde, Vintage styles, laces and twills, old school glamor, incorporating florals, faux pearls, intricate beaded lace and rose brocade.

Among the prized materials, their signature Mikado, Crush Satin, and French Crepe stand out as shining examples of excellence within the bridal industry. These fabrics are masterfully engineered to possess exceptional durability, ensuring they endure the test of time and countless dry cleaning and professional cleaning cycles without losing their extraordinary luster.

About The Designer 

Katie Yeung, the visionary behind Hera Couture, is dedicated to empowering women through her revolutionary bridal designs that set new standards for quality and elegance. She believes every bride, regardless of body shape, size, or gender, deserves to feel fabulous on their special day. Her well-trained global team at Hera is committed to providing expert guidance and personalized support for brides-to-be, ensuring they feel beautiful throughout their journey. Katie’s passion for creative design and cutting-edge technologies drives her to constantly innovate in textiles, striving for stunning, comfortable gowns that set new industry standards.

Hera’s value-driven approach and Katie’s unwavering commitment to empowering women have made the brand a leader in the bridal industry. Katie finds immense fulfillment in seeing her brides’ radiant smiles and newfound confidence, considering it an honor to contribute to a woman’s most cherished day.