People have about 60,000 thoughts a day, and 70% of those are negative, said author, coach and speaker Rob Cross.

“No wonder we feel somewhat stuck, lost, aimless … in our business, in our marriage, with love, with friendships and with parenting,” Cross said in a recent interview. “There’s so much that we want that we’re pushing away, just by how we think.”

In his transformational book Flip Your Thinking: To Ignite Your World, Cross shares the refreshingly simple yet radical approach to life he calls “flipology” to challenge readers to question their perspectives on 36 widely held assumptions that prevent people from having the lives they deserve.

“Your mind is so powerful that it not only shapes your perception of things, but it also convinces you that it’s the truth,” Cross said. “That becomes your reality. You alone determine what you make things mean.”

Cross’ quirky and relatable “flips” — My choice to forgive you sets ME free, not you; Love stays when I let it leave and leaves when I make it stay; To be heard I need to talk less — will have readers wondering if they’ve been viewing life backward and upside-down all along.

“I’m going to invite you to FLIP IT!” Cross quipped. “On the other side, you’ll have more love, more peace, and more business than you can shake a stick at!”

From how people define professional success to how they approach personal relationships, readers will discover that their circumstances today are outward displays of their inward thoughts and beliefs. So if life isn’t going according to plan, a crash course in flipology might be in order.

“It’s time to assign new meanings,” Cross said. “Garner the power of your thoughts. Real and lasting change starts by flipping your thinking before engaging your feet! If not, you’ll simply keep running in circles.”

A powerful “how to do life” read, Flip Your Thinking is packed with everyday fresh perspectives divided into four key categories: Flip What You Make Things Mean; Flip Your Approach to Life; Flip Your Choices; and Flip Your Destiny.

“I challenge you to approach this book as if you really don’t know everything you think you know,” Cross added. “Be open and curious. Be willing to question how you’ve been looking at things and how you’ve defined things. If you don’t like what you see in life, stand up and change your view. Gaining a new perspective can literally save your life. Happy flipping!”

About the Author

Rob Cross considers himself a regular guy who sees things outside the boundaries of conventional teaching. In college, he fought and scratched like a cat in a bathtub during those monologues, distancing himself from what he believed were confining definitions and structures. Cross uses his knack for taking life’s everyday challenges and whittling them down to simple, achievable solutions to make a positive and transformative impact on each and every one of his readers. He is also the author of Flip Your Mornings: Kick-start Each Day on Purpose!

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These reviews were submitted to Amazon from verified purchasers of the book.  Receiving five stars on all 34 reviews, below is a snapshot of a few of the wonderful reviews:

#1  Great Book

In this book, Rob has a remarkable way of looking at bad or negative things in our lives and turning them turn into a positive outlook. We so many times try and figure out what went wrong instead of looking at how we can make something positive out of a failure. It’s kind of like how you interpret the half glass of wine. Is it half empty or is it half full? Rob hits on so many life occurrences that we face and shows how you can look at them in a different, positive way. There are many examples in his book that made me chuckle and think, why didn’t I think of that? The book is very easy reading and is written in such a way that you can easily put it down and pick it up back up later without losing your place. Even after reading it, it’s the type of book you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again whenever you have some free moments here and there.

#2 Peace Is a Thought Away

Personal. Powerful, Passionate

Flip Your Thinking is engaging in its simplicity to challenge the reader to live a life of peace and joy. The author provides examples and personal experiences to guide the reader to examine how thinking impacts life choices and actions. The author shares succinct gems of wisdom to help the reader relate to the stories. A few examples are, “Expectations are premeditated resentments, Your environment is tangible evidence of your intangible thoughts, Experiences—a chance to learn and grow and own my part and lastly, Judgment or curiosity reveals how I view the world.” Often entertaining, gentle nudges are used for the reader to assume personal responsibility for changing/flipping thinking that might prevent one from living a life to its fullest. In summary, Flip Your Thinking reveals a method on how to love more and fear less.  I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.

#3  Awesome Inspirational Read!

All I Can Say is WOW!
What a Great Fun Inspiring Book!
Rob Cross is a Wise Man Who Takes You on a Ride Thru Every Emotion, Thought, & Feeling You’ve Ever Had! One Minute You’re Laughing! Because His Story Reminds You of Yourself! The Next Minute You’re Cringing! Because it Reminds You of Yourself! LOL But Don’t Worry, Rob Gives You Compassionate Ways to Flip Your Thinking That Lead to Love & Goals to Set For Yourself!
Buy it TODAY! It’ll Change Your World out of Negativity & Reaffirm Your World of a happier Future!