Timely and relevant within today’s social media spectrum, the book Be You, No Filter: How to Love Yourself and Stay #SocialMediaStrong by Latasha Blackmond shines a spotlight on many of the potential hazards that one might face, particularly teen girls, while navigating various social media platforms.

Today’s teens have never known life without social media, and to help parents — particularly those with daughters — open meaningful dialogues about social media usage, communications expert Latasha Blackmond shares important tips and tools in her book. Chapters include Throw Comparison in the Trash, Know You Are More Than a Body, and Setting Boundaries.

This book is an excellent resource and instructional tool for parents who want to teach their teens about social media and looking within themselves for love and acceptance.  The title serves as a perfect description of the book’s contents with its urging to “Be You” with “No Filter”.

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