Introducing the latest creation from Bella Belle — the enchanting Bianca, available in mesmerizing shades of red and silver. This true work of art effortlessly intertwines crystals and pearls to cast a spell of pure glamour.

Whether you opt for the timeless allure of silver or the ultra-trendy shade of red, these heels are destined to reign as the focal point of your fashion realm. Prepare to step into a world where elegance meets allure with Bella Belle‘s Bianca.


Q&A with Erina Ardianto, Bella Belle Designer & Co-Founder

What is the inspiration for Bianca?
The inspiration for the Bianca heels is drawn from the glamorous world of Hollywood, embodying the chic and sophisticated style often seen on the red carpet. The design captures the essence of elegance associated with Hollywood fashion, with the use of tonal crystals and lustrous pearls.

What type of event would a woman wear Bianca to?
A woman would typically wear the Bianca heels to events such as glamorous festivities, parties, or even date nights if they want to dress up. As bridal footwear, Bianca adds allure and comfort to her wedding ensemble.