If you’re secretly running away to get married, then location is everything! Since you don’t have the costs of catering, a huge venue, and loads of guests to worry about, you can dream big. How about an exciting destination wedding in a faraway place?

If you want to pick a beautiful, memorable, and practical elopement destination, look no further! Kris Labang, the owner of Hawaii Wedding Photography, discusses the most highly favored wedding destinations for elopers.

9New Orleans500
17San Diego350

The Top Destination: Elope In Sin City

And the winner is… Las Vegas! With approximately 3,250 monthly searches, the Entertainment Capital of the World tops our table by a wide margin, with over two thousand more searches than the next destination down the list. That means Vegas is almost three times as popular for elopements as its closest rivals!

This isn’t really surprising, though, given the city’s long-standing reputation as a go-to for quick and often impromptu weddings. Want to get your marriage officiated by Elvis himself? Then this is your destination!

The Runner-Up: Get Married In The Mountains

With 1150 searches, the beautiful state of Colorado is a worthy runner-up. It’s gorgeous mountains and alpine lakes are full of perfect spots for a quiet elopement in the heart of America’s beautiful natural wilderness. Another of Colorado’s unique draws is the option to self-solemnize, meaning you can get married without an officiant or witnesses. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for the utmost privacy!

A Close Third: In Love On The Islands

Only just behind Colorado in third place are the fabulous islands of Hawaii. If you’ve seen the pictures, then the reason why Hawaii is a destination of choice for eloping couples should be a no-brainer – practically every shot of this tropical paradise oozes beauty! There are several amazing destinations to consider on each island for your wedding, including jungles, waterfalls, and of course the classic and stunning beaches. If you’re craving an elopement in the sun, look no further!

Home vs. International

It’s interesting to note that only four of these nineteen destinations are outside of the United States. What is it that makes domestic destinations so popular? Well, one factor to consider is legal simplicity, as weddings conducted legally in one state will be recognized as legal in all other states in most cases. The cost and convenience of travel within the US vs the expense of international travel is also an important consideration to take into account when deciding on your elopement destination.

Enduring Popularity

Several destinations at the bottom of the list (Alaska, Arizona, Greece, Maui, San Diego, Texas, and Washington) share the same approximate monthly search volume. This suggests these destinations command a popularity for elopements that, while lower than the top picks, is consistent and steady. All seven are likely popular for their beautiful scenery, from Alaska’s snowy wilderness to Greece’s idyllic beaches.

Who Missed The List?

As Kris points out, ‘People may also want to consider classic favorites like Paris and the Caribbean, which don’t feature on the list.’ Much like Hawaii, the Caribbean offers a wealth of choices for beautiful beach weddings – and who could consider destination wedding options without including the City of Love, Paris? In short, don’t feel any pressure to pick a destination on this list just because it’s popular – instead, follow your heart!

When To Go

Kris says, ‘When evaluating potential destinations, it’s important to take the seasonality into account.’ Whether you envision snowy mountains, sunny beaches, or the bright lights of the city, make sure to do your research beforehand so you know what’s going on in your destination before you arrive there. As well as picking the right time of year for the weather you want, avoiding big holidays and events can not only help you save on costs, but will also help you avoid the crowds and focus on each other on your big day.

So, if one of the fantastic destinations on this list has tickled your fancy, don’t hesitate – and good luck!