When planning your special day, you’re going to be keen to stamp your personalities and tastes upon the proceedings. As well as considering your budget and studying other people’s weddings for ideas, you can also look at what’s going to be popular in your wedding year to make sure your celebration will be bang on trend.

Kris Labang, the owner of Hawaii Wedding Photography, discusses some of the most popular wedding trends in 2024.

Extending The Celebrations

Whilst lots of people get married and celebrate on the same day, many cultures make the celebration last longer. Some people organize their wedding ceremony for a Friday, with a party the following day on Saturday. This prolongs the experience and separates the formal ceremony from the after-party. So, why not have your wedding span a whole weekend?

Involving Drones

Drones are relatively cheap, and they’re great for capturing aerial photos during the day. Then, at night, a drone light display can take the place of fireworks as the party truly gets started.

Whilst fireworks displays are traditional at weddings, they can be a little outdated, and in some states are prohibited because of the risk of forest fires. By organizing a drone display, you can bring your wedding firmly into the 21st century.

Minimal Flowers

Florists have observed that some wedding bouquets now feature single stems and delicate bunches, reflecting a general trend toward minimalism. People may focus on one key bloom in rich colors, with fewer flowers on the tables as delicate, tasteful centrepieces.

Rustic, Green Weddings

Many people have recently gone for a rustic setting for their wedding celebrations, incorporating green as their central color. This creates a natural and earthy ambiance, blending effortlessly with outdoor or barn settings. The prominence of green as a color theme also enhances the connection to nature and adds a serene feel to the decor.

Electronic Guestbooks

Digital guestbooks allow attendees to record messages, photos, and videos in an electronic format. People can use tablets, kiosks, or their smartphones to record the messages, which can be shared in real-time or revisited after the celebrations have passed. The inclusion of pictures and video expands the types of messages guests can leave beyond the traditional handwritten notes.

Dresses That Are Short Or Midi-Length

Shorter styles of wedding dress can provide comfort, ease of movement, and a break from tradition. This makes them ideal for less formal venues like beach, backyard, or city hall weddings. They also allow for greater emphasis on unique footwear which would usually be hidden under the skirts of a long wedding dress.

Kris says, ‘Couples are adding personal touches to their weddings, including unique tablescapes and imaginative non-alcoholic drinks. Whether they mix fabrics or hang up disco balls, people are enjoying this year’s weddings more than ever.’