Nestled in the vibrant heart of East Hampton Village, the much-anticipated Village Bistro is set to open in the iconic location formerly occupied by Rowdy Hall. Embracing the essence of a classic bistro,Village Bistro will be a year-round hangout for locals and visitors alike.

With a menu that celebrates bistro classic’s, expect to indulge in everything from the rich flavors of a French Onion Soup, Village Burger to Steak Frites, and our daily specials.Village Bistro is your go-to spot for sharing a bottle of wine, enjoying hearty laughs, and savoring a great meal, any time of the day.

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At Village Bistro, the doors don’t close when the summer sun sets. We’re here year-roundwhenever you need a place to go, we’re here with the comfort food you crave and the friendly faces you love.

Come Spring 2024, East Hampton will have a new neighborhood jewel. Village Bistro isn’t justthe new kid on the block; it’s the place where every East Hampton local will feel right at home,and where every meal feels like it’s cooked with love.

Address: 10 Main Street, East Hampton

Village Bistro FAQ

  1. What is Village Bistro and who is behind it?

Village Bistro is a French bistro located in East Hampton, New York. It is managed by owner Adam Potter in partnership with Dane Sayles and Piero Zangarini of NSN Hospitality.

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  1. When is Village Bistro opening?

Village Bistro opened on May 10, 2024.

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  1. Who is the chef at Village Bistro?

The chef at Village Bistro is Milan Lipstein. He has an impressive background, having previously served as Chef de Cuisine at Casa Cipriani and Executive Chef at Spicy Moon, both in New York. He was also the Executive Sous Chef at Quality Meats, New York.

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  1. What is the seating capacity at Village Bistro?

The restaurant has a total of 90 seats, which includes 24 outdoor seats and 12 bar seats.

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  1. What is the aesthetic of Village Bistro?

Village Bistro presents an updated take on a classic French bistro, featuring a copper bar that serves as the focal point. The interior includes tile accents, mirrors, banquettes, and a color scheme of black, taupe, teal, and salmon.

  1. Can you describe a special dish from the menu?

One of the signature dishes at Village Bistro is the raclette cheeseburger. It features a custom blend of prime brisket, chuck, and boneless short rib, served on a brioche bun with house-made pickles, optional nueske bacon, lettuce, tomato, raclette cheese, and a special sauce with tarragon and chervil.

Credit: Cameron Captures
  1. What details can you provide about the tile work and overall vibe of the space?

The bar, banquettes, mirrors, and lighting are reminiscent of a French bistro, creating an inviting and authentic ambiance. The color palette includes black, taupe, teal, and salmon.

  1. What historical context is there about the location?

Village Bistro is taking over a space in East Hampton village that was formerly occupied by Rowdy Hall, which served American with pub and English fare. The new concept maintains a year-round French bistro offering, distinct from the previous establishment.

  1. What is the relationship between Village Bistro and other entities managed by NSN?

While EHP has the same operational managers as N’AMO and Village Bistro, they are separate entities under NSN Hospitality’s management, which is focused on creating unique dining experiences.

  1. Can you provide some background on NSN Hospitality?

NSN Hospitality is a boutique hospitality firm dedicated to crafting unique restaurant experiences. Their philosophy is rooted in authenticity and customer satisfaction. The NSN portfolio includes establishments like Sí Sí, Sunset Harbor, Enchante, and Village Bistro.