Over the weekend of June 22-23, Tara Bernstein and Hunter Fieri, Guy Fieri’s son, celebrated their engagement with a pickleball-themed party at City Pickle in New York. Tara Bernstein, a professional pickleball player, collaborated with Justin Warshaw, CEO and Creative Director of Justin Alexander, to design a unique engagement party dress for the special occasion.

Keeping the theme in mind, Justin and Tara designed an athletic, pickleball-inspired mini dress.“I designed an athletic inspired, collared mini dress with a pleated skirt in a stretch Mikado ivory fabric. For a finishing touch, we added the couple’s logo to the dress,” Justin Warshaw, CEO & Creative Director shares, “I couldn’t wait to help bring Tara’s vision for a sporty-inspired bridal look to life, especially since the party is at City Pickle in Central Park.”

Justin Warshaw really brought Tara’s vision to life with “a perfect mix of athletic wear and bridal attire,” Tara said. “I’m so passionate about pickleball and the positivity it brought into my life. I dreamt of a pickleball engagement party, and the potential of a pickleball x bridal dress that’s comfortable on the courts, but elegant as well! Something unique that’s never been done before!”

Please join me in wishing Tara and Hunter a lifetime of love and happiness!