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Hello everyone!  My name is Beth Shankle Anderson.  My blog was created for the fashion-forward woman who wants to stay in style by keeping current trends in her closet and beauty wardrobe.  My job is to update you with those trends in each and every blog post.

The Style Bouquet Story

My love for beautiful things began when I was a child.  I grew up in the South where things are painstakingly made beautiful such as quilts and flower gardens.  My love of fashion came a bit later when I picked up my first copy of Vogue magazine and saw the most beautiful clothes and photography.  I was transported to a world far away – one in which I wanted to be a part.  This blog is a reflection of years of study of the world of fashion and beauty.  I wanted to create something that could capture the beauty that fashion itself creates and defines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you start a fashion and beauty blog?

I love the idea of creating something that is my own.  I love beautiful things and I have always gravitated towards the fashion and beauty industries.  I also love the notion that readers will visit my blog and enjoy my creation.  It has always been my hope that my readers leave my blog feeling a bit more inspired than when they arrived.

Why did you name your blog ‘The Style Bouquet’?

I love flowers and the most beautiful flowers that I ever saw was my bouquet of roses on my wedding day.  I chose ‘Style’ because it encompasses both fashion and beauty (and now weddings).  So there you have it!  The Style Bouquet was born.

How tall are you?  Have you always been tall?

I’m just under 5’10” by about ¼”.  I have always been tall, but I never played sports or did anything to take advantage of my height.  I’m too much of a girly girl.

Are you a native Floridian?

No.  While I have lived in Florida for many years, I am originally from a small town in Tennessee.

I want to start a blog, do you have any tips?

Do your research and check out plenty of other blogs.  Learn to be consistent and disciplined with you blogging.  Be patient and, above all, be yourself.

What is one beauty product you can’t live without?

My mascara!

Who is your favorite designer?

I would say that I’m impartial and don’t have one, but I have a closet full of Calvin Klein!

Contact Me!

Email: Beth@TheStyleBouquet.com

Twitter: @TheStyleBouquet

Instagram: @BethShankleAnderson

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